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It's time to Fertilizer your lawn & shrubs for the Fall (your last fertilizer application in NY).

Bring inside plants in to prepare for winter.

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Plastic Pot Recycling

Interested in saving money while you take action to help the environment?

Help keep Long Island clean with Father Nature's Container Recycling Program

Gardening provides us with many benefits, but it also leads to a lot of waste. And gardeners may not realize how much they add to landfills eachyear. Cell packs, flats and assorted nursery pots alone account for over 320 million pounds of waste annually. Plastic garden waste is burned on Long Island putting carcinogens into our air. Father Nature asks all gardeners to do their part and recycle your plastic containers. Father Nature's teamed up with a recycling company which turns them back into plastic containers, keeping them in a re-useable loop.

For every 5 pots returned receive a *5% off Coupon for your next purchase of $15 or more.
*One coupon per visit per customer; not to be combined with other offers

Thank You for doing your part,
Father Nature

Father Nature's

Plastic Garden Container
Recycling Program

HDOE #2 - High-Density Polyethylene
PP #5 - Polypropylene
PS #6 - Polystyrene  

This special program began in 2011 and is sponsored by Father Natures Garden Center , an independent garden centers. Bring us your empty plastic garden pots, packs, carrying trays and hanging baskets (wire hangers removed) and put them in our Garden Plastic Recycling Bin, All items to be recycled must be empty of soil and any wires removed.

You may bring your garden plastics to us anytime during our regular

business hours. Plastics from this program will be recycled into new plant containers.

Thank you for participating in this program!

Plastic Pot Recycling

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