White grubs are turf pests found throughout long Island . It is not uncommon to find 6 or more grubs per square foot feeding on grass roots. Heavily infested turf wilts or dies, often leaving the lawn feeling soft and spongy. Grubs may feed for several months before any turf damage becomes visible. Severely damaged turf may be rolled back like a carpet because its root system has been destroyed. Bluegrass and bent grass are the varieties most seriously attacked, but all grasses are susceptible. Because of their underground feeding habits, white grubs are more difficult to detect and control than many of the pests that feed above ground. If they are promptly detected and identified, they can be controlled through treatments applied at the appropriate time. Birds, moles, skunks and racoons all feed to some extent on grubs, and their digging in the lawn may be a sign of a white grub infestation.



2 week protection No lead time
Apply March 1 – May 30 for Spring grub activity.
Apply when needed for Fall grub activity.
Water immediately after application.

Milky Spore:

This is a biological non-chemical material made up of naturally occurring bacteria. Although there is a two year interval between the time of application and the onset of control, it remains active in the soil for up to 20 years. Apply to garden and lawn area when soil temperature is warm. Water after application. Do not use with other chemicals.

General Insecticides:
Use for controlling ants, fleas & ticks. Not an effective grub control.