lime-mossThe purpose of applying lime to the lawn or garden is to raise the ph level of soil that has become too acidic into more neutral range, which will enable fertilizer to work properly and become more available to plants. Lime can be applied any time of the year,but some experts advise keeping applications of lime and fertilizer at least one week apart. Politicized lime is quickly released into the soil. Other types of lime take significantly longer to work. Applying lime to a lawn or garden that is affected by unwanted moss will not kill the moss, but it is an integral part of correcting soil conditions that will help control or eliminate moss. Moss must first be killed by using a Moss Killer and then steps must be taken to improve the conditions that caused moss to grow. Moss is most easily killed in early Spring. The three factors that are the primary causes in producing moss are: poor soil drainage, shade, and acidic soil.



Poor soil drainage can be corrected by adding organic matter to the soil, such as Compost, Peat Moss, or coarse sand. Gypsum has also proven to be highly effective in improving soil drainage. Do not water too frequently.

Shade can be lessened by selective pruning of existing trees and the proper placement of newly planted trees.

Acidic soil is best corrected by an application of Super Lime or Pellitized Lime. We offer FREE soil testing to determine the ph level of your soil.