wateringA healthy lawn results from a root system that is cool & moist and blades of grass that are dry. Frequent moisture on blades of grass at the wrong time make them susceptible to fungus.

Length of watering Spring and Fall: Each time the lawn is watered, 1” of water should be applied. To determine how long your watering system takes to apply 1” of water, strategically place measuring devices [tuna fish can, coffee can] and time how long it takes to fill those measuring devices to the 1” mark.

Each time a zone is watered, it should be watered for that length of time, uninterrupted

Length of watering Summer: If very hot and dry; short, frequent watering, 2-3 times a day before 3 pm may be necessary to cool down soil temperature while hydrating grass blades and roots. Otherwise, follow spring and fall watering schedule.

Frequency of watering:

Spring and Fall – water twice per week
Summer- water 2-3 times per week or as needed
Add an additional watering per week for sandy soils.
To prevent fungus, water early in the day, allowing the blades of grass to dry before dark.
It is not necessary to manually water if nature is providing sufficient rain.